Drop Into the Waves around Canggu Beach Nalu Bowls

Tourists and expats cluster inside Nalu Bowls near Echo Beach Canggu, with their sun-kissed skin and sandy toes painting a picture of what life is like in Canggu, Bali. Drenched in sunlight for most of the year, the charming village is a mish-mash of rice fields, winding roads, and surfer/foodie hangout spots, such as Nalu Bowls! Meet members of the unofficial surfing society inside our tropical eatery, ahead of a day carving on one of the area’s beaches.

Finding us is easy – take a stroll along Berawa beach or Batu Bolong Beach in the direction of Echo Beach Canggu to find our smoothie bowl paradise. Our Acai shack is pleasantly positioned a stone’s throw from the best places to catch a nalu. If you didn’t know already, “nalu” is the word for “wave” in Hawaii. Inspired by the flavours of Hawaii, the smoothie bowls served at our health food restaurant near Berawa Beach are prepared from scratch with Balinese ingredients.

Since our pungent bowls are a blend of natural ingredients, we try to reflect this in the style of our shack near Echo beach Canggu. Notice how our whitewashed wooden hut is constructed with mostly recyclable materials. Sit on one of the comfortable sofas, or perch yourself on a tall stool and engage in conversation about the day’s surf at our bar area. Connected to Nalu Bowls is Dojo Coworking Space, where digital nomads and entrepreneurs living in/visiting Canggu, Bali unlock their professional potential, but not before filling up on Acai-rich goodness!

Whether you are in need of a post-surf energy boost or simply want to taste a slice of Bali with a Hawaiian twist, Nalu Bowls is the to-go place. Our menu features a tempting selection of options for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. Acai promotes heart health and is rich in antioxidants. Choose a combination of Acai berry, granola, and fresh fruits, or satisfy a sweet tooth with a nutritious and nourishing bowl of honey, coconut milk and dragon fruit.

Named after world-famous waves, the range of smoothie bowls displayed on our menu appeal to most people who visit Nalu Bowls in Echo Beach Canggu. Not to worry if you have a specific blend in mind – just tell a member of the Nalu Bowls team! Their talents extend far beyond preparing what’s already featured on the menu. A simple request and they will whip up a fusion of coconut water, soy milk, coconut milk, or apple juice, topped with one of our tasty toppings, like goji berries, chia seeds, or bee pollen.

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